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trio \ DEF:

Marc-Andre Drouin, bass

Wayne Eagles, guitar

Ian Froman, drums

trio \ DEF performs and composes modern jazz that reflects a broad range of influences from free improvisation to more composed forms, from atmospheric soundscapes to more earthy expressions. A compelling, original ensemble sound rooted in late-sixties/early-seventies experimentation fused with European-style texturalism. ​​Formed in 2012, trio \ DEF has showcased at university concerts, masterclasses, live radio/internet “simulcasts" & jazz festivals.

Featuring musicians born & raised in Canada’s national capital, the busy player/educators are currently based in NYC, Montreal & Ottawa. Thanks to support from the City of Ottawa, trio \ DEF is proud to announce the release their debut recording on the TetraArtist imprint: (Drouin/Eagles/Froman). ​

Among their influences: Gateway (John Abercrombie/Dave Holland/Jack Dejohnette), Miroslav Vitous, David Torn,

Tony Williams’ Lifetime & New Lifetime, Terje Rypdal.

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CD Release review posted to Wayne Eagles, Guitarist(Facebook):

I went to the concert and have to say it was rockin', err, swingin', probably both -- not a surprise given the music, if one must put a label on things, is fusion jazz. It is a terrific trio, gentler than the rock power trios of the past, but just as engaging. There was tight interaction between bass, drums and guitar, counterpoint lines growing like vines on top of solid rhythms and punctuated by syncopated surprises and embellished by harmonic blooms. They tillied, watered and fertilized the soil of their interesting compositions like the expert sonic gardeners they are. It was a delight when Petr Cancura joined them on the last tune. They would have blown out the house, except they were playing in a large festival tent., so the nylon walls just flapped while our musical minds exploded.